A Trip to the Post Office to Mail Some Knits


I sealed up the flaps, slapped on address labels, and handed the three big, bright envelopes over the counter to the postal clerk.

"Is there anything hazardous, liquid, perishable?" she rattled off by rote.

"Nope", I smiled at her, "Just knitting."

I'm not good at making quips on-the-fly, but in retrospect, I wish I had said, "These envelopes are about to explode...explode with joy and love!"

OK, actually, that probably wouldn't have been the smartest thing to say while standing in a federal building.  And it's also cheesy as hell.  But I'm sure you understand the sentiment.

Up top there, is something I've been dying to do ever since I cracked the spine of More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  The picture in the book is of two baby cardis, one green with garter trim and one pinky-purple with seed stitch trim.  The first time I saw it, I thought to myself, "I want to knit those sweaters, just so that I can re-create that photo for myself!"  When two cousins announced babes-on-the-way at the same time, I knew it was my chance!  (Details here.) 

Underneath is another Honey Cowl.  Sometime before Christmas a friend asked for a Meryl-made cowl.  I had a skein of Coco Malabrigo that was looking for a purpose in life, so--once the official holiday knitting was finished--onto the needles it went.  

The pattern seems to be making the rounds of craft blogs, judging by the number of them I've seen lately.  All I can do when I find it is congratulate the maker on her wisdom and good taste--it really is such a lovely cowl pattern!

[P.S.  The winner of the Woolly Petals giveaway is Linds.  Linds, I will be in touch for your info shortly!]