Saturday afternoon was soooo nice.  Sixty degrees, sunny, and a perfect day to spend some time outside.

I know winter's not over yet--nor do I want it to be, a few more snows would do us good--but on a day like that I can't help but think of spring.

After a trip to the park, where all the small fry were in their short sleeves, the Kid and I came home to have a visit with the ladies.  The recent uptick in egg production is also letting us know that spring can't be too far.  I'm looking forward to more baby chicks too, of course, and as the year progresses I'll be watching Gladys and Tori in particular (they're the motherly hens) for any sign of broodiness.  I'm prepared to raise babies myself if need be, but I think it would be so much fun to watch one of my older hens do it again.

Once the chickens were safely locked away--the Kid gets a little better at that chore every time we let him do it--it was time to let Moe out for a romp.  Our furry old man turns eight tomorrow, but to see him run on a warm January afternoon you'd never guess that he's not just out of his puppy hood.