He Knits



[Sweet Husband's cowl.  When I said he should name the project, he said to call it "Frank".]

I can take credit for teaching a handful of people to knit, but I'm happiest about this latest one.  

Yes, it's true, Sweet Husband has officially, openly joined the worldwide family of knitters.

Beyond the "it's nice to know another knitter" aspect, I hadn't thought what a convenient thing that could actually be, until about a week ago.

Me:  "Four!  Four babies this next year, and it hasn't even really started yet.  And I want to make a sweater for you, and one for the Kid....I'm afraid I'm never going to get around to my own."

Sweet Husband:  "Well, what if I do something for one or two of the babies?"

*Cue the angel chorus!*

We're, like, a knitting power couple!

Also fun?  I think he's beginning to understand about yarn stashes.  He wanted a new project last weekend, and was asking for suggestions.

Me:  "Well, do you want to buy new yarn?  Or knit from what I have already?"

Sweet Husband:  "Surely, I can find something to do with the yarn in your baskets." 

But within minutes he realized just why it is that I keep buying yarn, even though I already have a ton some.  Not quite enough for this project, wrong weight for that one, too much for a third pattern idea, wrong color for the time of year for a fourth--suddenly my "crazy" stash seemed sensible...or, at least, understandable.

The only downside is that I'm afraid he's going to loose my needles.  I'm a bit compulsive about putting things back where they go--in this case, in the jars in our upstairs hallway--and he's...well, um...not.  But if having to search for needles gets me hand-knitted socks--something he suggested that he might be up to try--it's a small price to pay!

For those of you who are Ravelers, you can follow Sweet Husband here.