The Kid, In Quotes


After a brutal kick in the kidney from Little Miss:

Me:  Ow!

The Kid:  Is Little Miss trying to dig out again?


Upon being told he was going to get to play with cousins he hasn't seen in a few years:

The Kid:  Who are these "cousins"?  And will they have toys?


Making exotic dinner menu suggestions:

The Kid:  You know what I think?  I think we should try having some of those lollipops for dinner sometime.


Sitting up in bed the other morning, stretching after at least a solid 9 hours sleep (jerk-face):

The Kid:  Oh my, what a night I had!


After a suspicious crash in the living room:

Me:  What are you doing in there?!

The Kid:  I'm just not gonna tell you.


When dada declined to be used as a human jungle gym:

The Kid:  Daddy, you're killin' me smalls.


Last, but not least--just to prove where he gets his silliness, perhaps--after we had hatted and booted and bundled him up for school today and then hustled him out onto the front porch:

The Kid:  You guys--hey, you guys!  I don't have shoes on.

(Indeed, he did not.  Smooth move mom and dad.)