The First Non-Random Handmade :: A Yoga Bag


A few weeks ago, there was a "handmade meme" going around Facebook.  If you have friends who are crafty at all, you've probably seen it.  The premise was that the person posting the status agreed to make one handmade thing for the first five people to comment, but those five people, in turn, had to post the same status and make things for the first five people to comment.  

I don't normally do that stuff, but the person who initially posted it is a wonderfully creative friend.  Selfishly, I thought it would be great fun to have her make something for me.  Less selfishly, I wondered who would be the first five to sign up when I posted the status in turn.

It ended up being a really eclectic group.  New friends, old friends, work friends, and Sweet Husband, who snuck in as number five.  As soon as they were all signed up, I made the decision to really have fun with this project.  Because it would be pretty easy to assembly-line something random for all five of them, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun for me as thoughtfully considering and making things that might delight them.  This yoga bag was the first project for the "non-random handmade" meme, as I've dubbed it in my head.  

After the holidays, a few friends and I started attending a yoga class as a girls' night out, and I noticed that the very first friend who signed up for the meme was using an ordinary tote to carry her mat.  I thought she might like a more specific yoga bag, and--from her reaction when she opened it--I think I was right!

The pattern was a freebie from Amy Butler, and the fabric is Echino Peacock.  I chose the pattern because I wanted a pocket, but at times it felt like a challenge as to how many layers my poor little sewing machine could get through.  By the time I was sewing the strap to the top, I think I counted over twelve, which led to some puckers and words I'm not allowed to say when the Kid is awake.  Nonetheless, I was happy with how the bag turned out, and--as aforementioned--I think my friend loved it too.

On to non-random project #2!

[P.S.  Speaking of sewing--forgot to mention last week that I was on the Sew Mama Sew blog.  It's the compendium of Frankenquilting!  If you're so inclined, please do go check out Quick Fixes for Old Quilts.]