Of Shoes and Choosing Battles

This post is, in part, for my Nice Mother-In-Law.  And, really, for every parent who has exasperatedly had the thought, "Oh just wait until you have kids and get your payback for this!"

I wasn't there, of course, but I hear the story told that Sweet Husband hated new shoes as a child.  Hated them with a passion.  (It's actually a bit funny, because he's probably as much or more of a shoe whore than I am as an adult.)  But, in any event, guess who seems to have inherited his dada's childhood quirk? 

It's not a huge deal right now--because it's still theoretically winter, despite the fact that it was 70 here today--but eventually the Kid is going to have to quit wearing his snow boots.  This is potentially problematic because every time we even talk about the new shoes that we got him this weekend, he runs screaming in the other direction.

We've been trying to get him to like them by osmosis.  "Look at that--the new shoes are sitting next to you while you play trains!"  "Hey bub--Jamie [the doll] seems to like your new shoes!"  So far all it's gotten us is some weird looks as he shoves the shoes away.

And then today, when I picked him up at school, he was wearing his full-on winter coat and snow boots.  (Remember, 70 degrees.)  I looked at all the other kids running around the playground in their t-shirts, and the panicky mommy in my head started jabbering, "Why the coat?  Isn't he hot?  Did I not dress him properly underneath?  What's he wearing, anyway?"

As he ran up to say "hi", I asked, "Hey buddy, why don't we take your coat off?  Aren't you hot?"

He shrank back and said, "NO!" in a tone that implied I was offering him razor-blade spiked candy.

Which answered the question about why his teachers hadn't insisted, but left the mystery of the workings of my toddler's mind.

I don't think I fully understood this part until just now--the part where being a parent means picking your battles ten times in one day or in one hour.  Are the shoes worth it?  Eh, not really right now.  But then if we put it off until March is it only going to be a bigger fight for being delayed?  And what would happen if the snow boots just disappeared?  Or maybe Santa Claus could make a special January visit and take them back to the North Pole?  He likes that Santa guy, after all.  Or a firefighter with a big truck?  (Same.)

As much as I hate to say it, I think it just needs to get cold again.  Then the coat and the boots will be appropriate, and I can get back to worrying about my knitting.