Soup Swappin' Summation


As promised, an update on the soup swap party--it went well.  We now have a freezer full of soup--potato and minestrone and lentil and white bean and cheddar ale.  Combined with what we had of our own, I think we'll have enough soup to eat it once a week until spring, which is ridiculously comforting to think about as winter makes it's last roar.

In keeping with the soup theme, we had a little build-your-own grilled cheese bar in the kitchen, as well as some tomato soup cupcakes.  (They sound odd, but they were really good!)  And, of course, beverages for grown-ups and kiddos alike--did you know that soup pots work well for setting out drinks on ice?  Even if you aren't having a soup party, that's a good thing to remember in a pinch, yes?

All in all, it was a successful function, and one we may well make into a tradition.