Epic and Not


One of my child's new favorite expressions is "not".  As in....

Mama: "Do you want some more lunch?"

The Kid: "Not."

Think of it being said in the same dismissive tone of voice as Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada says, "That's all."  Or maybe just the way a lot of people say, "Fail."

Saturday afternoon, the Kid and I took an epic nap.  I fell asleep getting him down, and we were both basically unconscious for three hours.  I woke up only when he finally sat up, and with rumpled hair asked, "Can we get up now?"  I felt like a new woman.  Like, actually "bright eyed and bushy tailed."  It was so great that I risked a tweet about it.  

Big mistake.  As every parent knows, the first rule of a good nap is that you're never, ever allowed to mention it.  Ever.  It's the most powerful jinx this side of New Orleans.

Today's nap was 10 minutes in the stroller on the way home from lunch.  Sweet Husband tried valiantly to carry him upstairs and settle him back to sleep, but it was not happening.  Not.

In light of the "not"--and a couple of exhausted parents who are back in training for a half-marathon this spring--we're doing a whole family early bedtime tonight.  I'm ready for some more of that epic, unconscious-style sleep.

[The pictures:  The top of our piano--kind of our "landing strip"--at a quiet moment this weekend....my first hexi-puff for my Beekeeper Quilt....some sewing scraps from a project that got finished today.]