An Inspiration Web



It's weird to talk about work here, but this isn't really about work, it's about my office, so.  

Earlier this year, I moved to a new office.  Since I hope to be in this office for a good, long time, I've been doing a bit of extra to make it my own.  I painted and bought a little furniture.  I'm hunting down a bit of art for the walls--I know I want this Nikki McClure, and I'm trying to narrow down my favorite Charley Harper.  And, across from my desk on the wall I basically stare at all day, I put up this little "inspiration web".

I don't know if you can see the scale of it well in these pictures, but it's pretty big.  Maybe six or seven feet wide?  I measured to get a general idea of where the edges needed to be, and then I just started randomly hammering nails.  Just as randomly, I strung bright red embroidery floss between the nails to make a web--it took about three of the big balls of floss.  Lastly, using paperclips, I hung up all my little inspirational bits and bobs.

I've been quite pleased with it.  If you have to spend the day in an office, may as well make it beautiful, yes?