Kindred Spirits


I was over at the Kindred blog today, with something that's a bit different from my usual fare.  I'm trying to stretch a little (I think that might be my word of the year), and this issue's "home" theme felt like a beautiful place for a declaration that had been percolating in my head.  I've only contributed to the online portion of the magazine thus far, but the physical magazine is a really-true work of art.  I've been enjoying thumbing through it at odd moments all month.

By coincidence, I was also over at the Rhythm of the Home blog, talking about the winter weather that we've thankfully been getting at least a little of this year.  Which is not as much of a stretch--I actually love talking about the weather, you can tell a lot about a person from how observant of it they are--but fun all the same.

And while I'm speaking of such "kindred spirits" as Kindred and the ROTH blog (wink to all the Anne-girls out there), a few other things of note in my cozy corner of the internet this week....

Annie has released Volume 11 of Alphabet Glue, and was nice enough to send me a copy.  The booklists in this one are out of this world.  (Says the mama who has read "Benjy and The Barking Bird" every night for the past month and is thinking it's time for some new blood on the bookshelf.)  And the projects are fun, as always.  (There's a little printable/foldable file box that I'm thinking of doing up for Cutie Niece who at...goodness, could she really be almost 10 this year? a walking encyclopedia of geography and astronomy facts.)

And Stephinie is doing a $100 a month per person grocery challenge.  I'm not doing the $100 a month specifically, but I am challenging myself to do lunches from home instead of eating out.  Whether you adhere to the challenge as set or make it your own, I think it's going to be a nice support group if you're looking for ways to cut back, but still eat healthily.

Lastly, the winner of the Wild Marigold giveaway is the lovely Melanie.  I can't wait to see what fun she and her cute baby get up to with those beautiful strawberries!

Edited to add:  Really lastly, my real life partner-in-crime, Sarah, had her debut on the Craftsy blog today talking about button holes.  I've been getting little previews as she discusses the posts she's working on, and--if you're a big knitting nerd, like me--it's going to be a great series to follow!