Sponsor Saturday: Revolution 46


This Saturday, I'm happy to introduce Revolution 46, a family run company that makes creative t-shirts--mostly for little boys--with a fun, hipster vibe.  Joe, the papa part of the R46 family, recently answered the following questions from me.

Me:  I know that I'm not alone in this, because every mom of a boy I know has said the same thing.  "Where are all the cute boys clothes?"  You can't walk into a kids shop and not find something adorable for little girls, but boys are so much harder.  How did you get into making t-shirts for the small fellows?  And can you explain why you chose the name "Revolution 46"?

Joe:  Frannie is really the brains behind the operation. She has many years experience as a fashion buyer and merchandiser.

Funny you say that about boys clothes, because we get that a lot. Interestingly, Frannie started the concept as a girls line. She came up with Tom Boyish designs and wanted to do girly colors contrasted by blacks and browns (typically boy colors) One of her friends asked her to do one of the designs, the R46 Robot on T-shirts to give as christmas gifts for boys. Then our two boys also asked for shirts for themselves, and lo and behold her girls clothing line became a boys line. Actually we do still make girls shirts but based on the Revolution 46 designs.

The name is a hybrid of the original girls line Girly Revolution. Our boys were born on 2004 and 2006 and we took those two last numbers and combined them.

Me:  The thing I like about your shirts is that they're cute in a way that my son would get.  For example, I'm having the hardest time deciding between the train shirt and the firetruck for his second birthday, because he's so in love with both of those things right now.  Can you tell us a little bit about how you come up with your designs?

Joe:  Max and Ben are our two boys, and they are the main source of our inspiration. We combine that with Frannie's affinity for vintage and bold simple graphics and most of our designs are born. She calls her style the "Retro-Hipster Look" We also get a lot of input and request from customers. We have found they are also a rich source of great ideas and fuel our inspiration.

P.S. the train number 2 is our best selling shirt.

Me:  Right now you're featuring your big brother/littler brother shirts.  (The pair of robots would be so cute for a Valentine's Day present!)  I've always thought something like that would be the cutest way to let the family know that a new baby is on the way.  Do you have a lot of people who order them for that purpose?

Joe:  I would say that we have organically become the pregnancy announcement T-shirt fashion headquarters. Most of our shirts are ordered for that purpose. We also get many orders for birthday shirts with the birthday number included in the design. It is all so much fun, because we get many repeat customers that ordered a 2nd birthday last year and this year they order a "Big brother to be" shirt. We've even had third time repeat pregnancy announcements. I know they are just T-shirts but we are so honored to partake in such a momentous family event. Frannie still gets goosebumps when she hears about a pregnancy announcement, which is several times a day.

Me:  Lastly, what can we look forward to from Revolution 46 in the next several months?

Joe:  We are a small company, Just Frannie and I and of course Max and Ben, we would love to finally launch a children's full clothing line in order to complete our retro-hipster look. But that may be more than a couple of months away. We still do regularly work on new designs and plan on adding more color to our designs. We recently invested on digital printing equipment that allows us to print in full color. So we are excited about this year and we'll certainly keep you posted of new developments.


Joe has generously agreed to give away one t-shirt of the winner's choice.  To enter, go have a look around Revolution 46, and come back and leave a comment about which shirt you would pick.  I'll choose a winner on Wednesday.