Thinking Bees at the Seed Fair


I spent an hour or two at our local seed fair on Saturday morning--all time spent talking and looking.  It was a bit good-kind-of-sad, but I'm all full up on the seeds I need for the year, so I didn't do any swapping at all.

I did spend entirely too much time talking at the beekeeping booths.  My "bee thing" is starting to feel like when I was seven and I wanted a puppy.  If you were an animal lover as a child, you understand...that dull, achy, wistful longing.  I'm starting to wonder if this might not be the year to just make the leap?

Preliminarily, the Kid needs an allergy test, and while we're at it Sweet Husband and I may as well get them too.  

Then I want to get someone who knows what they're talking about over to help me scout a good spot in our yard.  I saw a photo of a hive not long ago that was actually inside a chicken run, and I'm wondering if that would work for us?  It would certainly be convenient.

Then there's the start-up expense, but if we can get through those first two things, the later isn't as big a worry.

I think I still have enough of winter left to figure that all out, but it's probably time to get started.  Any beekeepers out there care to chime in with words of wisdom?