The Second and Third Non-Random Handmades :: Pretty Infinity Scarves


The next two people on my non-random list are both moms.  Even more than that, they're both moms of toddlers.  Taking it one step further, both of their little ones have been inordinately sick in the past few months.

Luckily, the sickness has not been strong in our house this winter (*knock on wood*), but the other two things, I know something about.  So, when I was thinking of something to make for the two of them, I didn't have to be super creative.  I just went through the list of things that I would like....

  1. Someone to clean the grubby spot behind the toilet and on top of the fridge with no judgment about the condition those spaces can regularly be found in.
  2. An entire day in which I don't have to remind my child to ask calmly when he needs something, rather than screeching, "I neeeed heeeeeellllp!" as loudly and desperately as possible.
  3. Something pretty to pop around my head as a destraction on the days I don't want to fix my hair or worry much about my clothes.

You'll just have to take my word for it, I have no idea how to solve those first two problems.  But that last one I could do something about.  Hence, these pretty infinity scarves.

They're super easy to make--just two, big, long pieces of fabric sewn together, with one end tucked and sewn inside the other.  While you could very easily cut the lengths of fabric yourself, I loved the fabric in these pre-cut kits, so I decided to order a pair of 'em.  Sewing the voile to the velveteen was a bit slippy, but these scarves are drape-y enough that I don't think it mattered much in the end.

My only mistake was in not ordering a kit to make one for myself!