Simple Valentines and a Bottle'o'Wine


Between experimenting with valentines for the article I wrote and a little knitting project (come back tomorrow to see), I've actually had a lot fun making several different valentines this year.  But, for reasons unrelated to the finished product, these painted hearts that will go to school with the Kid tomorrow might be my favorite.  

His teacher requested that we parents keep things very simple.  I will not lie; I was a bit bummed.  But I could understand where she was coming from.  (Toddlers + skittles + projectiles = AHHHH!)  So, in the spirit of "simple cards", one warm day I set the Kid loose in the backyard with some big sheets of paper, a rubber spatula, and a few tubes of finger-paint.  While he had fun, I sat back in the sunshine and had a glass of wine.  It was most relaxing.

After he went to bed that night, I cut the Kid's masterpiece into hearts and added just a little typing, mostly as an excuse to play with my typewriter.  I feel a bit lush-y admitting it outright, but I may have even enjoyed another glass of wine or two as I worked.  Snipping, sipping, sipping, snipping....again, very peaceful.

During all this sipping and snipping, I had a bit of a revelation.  While I know that I will constantly battle the urge to make a big fuss over the Kid's little school holidays...and, indeed, I truly believe that sometimes making a fuss can be a lot of fun...there's something oh-so catchy about the phrase, "Simple Valentines and a Bottle'o'Wine".  I think maybe there's a little tradition to be had there, yes?