I had a jar of hearts, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.  Except that I've always had a secret desire to yarn bomb something.  So, Wednesday night, I crept off to yoga with the hearts and a yarn needle surreptitiously stashed in my bag.

After class, I headed downtown to a tree in front of the store Sweet Husband works at.  I immediately realized that I had forgotten two essential tools--scissors and a step stool.  

Knitting ninja warrior that I am, I made do quite well without the scissors.  But after festooning the lower branches of the tree, I was really missing that couple extra feet of height that a step stool would have brought.

No matter, I just started tossing the hearts up into the tree--up from between my legs, granny style--until they eventually got stuck in the upper branches.  I was half certain I was going to be arrested.  (Littering?  Battering random pedestrians with yarn hearts?  Acting deranged on a city street?)  Fortunately, I was able to evade the notice of law enforcement for long enough to complete my task.

By this evening, all but the highest hearts in the tree had been scattered to the winds or claimed by desperate, last minute valentine seekers.  Bright bits of love flying out into the world--I think it was just the sort of silly, late-winter fun that I needed.