Having a Saturday


Do you ever say that?  As in...

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, couple fun things, couple errands--you know, having a Saturday."

This particular Saturday had been set on the calendar for awhile as "the Kid's Saturday".  Instead of having a party for his birthday, we decided to just have a day with him.  Not a no-holds barred, anything goes day--because, well, that would be a melt down really fast--but more like a day of following his lead within the bounds of nap time and only a little extra sugar.  As Sweet Husband joked to the Kid, "All reasonable requests will be accommodated."

Which, in this instance, meant that we spent a few extra minutes in bed looking out at the snow that had fallen the night before.  Then we dressed quickly, and went to the Kid's favorite breakfast place for some, "Gwavy".  (That's shorthand for biscuits and gravy, in case you were worried.)

After breakfast, the Kid declared that he wanted to get his haircut, so we practically ran to the barber shop--in the past, he hasn't been nearly so agreeable to that--where he did reasonably well.  He and I played in the snow while Sweet Husband got a haircut, then it was off to the feed store.

As I picked up bags of chicken feed, the Kid tested out a new bike.  He was a bit disappointed that we couldn't take it home, but was consoled when we told him he could Facetime chat with his "Paw".  

After some play and lunch and a nap, we asked the Kid if he wanted to go swimming or to the model train show that was in town.  He picked the trains, so that was the next stop.  While model trains will never be super interesting to me, I could very much appreciate the work that goes into the tiny landscapes.  The Kid was transfixed by it all, and the only disappointment was, again, that we couldn't bring any trains home.

By then, however, I had noticed that our little downtown European market was advertising a new shipment of macarons.  Like most of us, the Kid appreciates a good cookie, so we decided to broaden his horizons and the three of us sat on a bench and sampled tiny bites of every flavor they had.

And then it was time to wind down the day.  The Kid chose pasta over pizza for dinner--he's learning to be a noodle tester, but he always wants to eat them before they're done--and we had some more Facetime chat with his Nice Cousin before retiring to bed for a bigger stack of books than normal.

All in all, we had a Saturday, Kid-style.  I think it will be interesting to see how these days--the special days where we let him choose the activity--will change over the years.  

[I'm a bit late in posting the winner, but congrats to Pamela the winner of the Revolution 46 giveaway!]