Emily's Eggs


I have a general idea of who lays what eggs, and I know that all of the girls are laying now because we've had several days of 7 eggs, one for each hen.  But the only eggs I can identify for-sure, for-sure are Emily's.

Emily is an Ameraucana, which is a blue egg laying breed.  We've had blue egg layers in the past, but when I picked out Emily and her "sister" (the ill-tempered and ill-fated Amy the Rooster) last spring they had been killed (our Easter Egger hen) and given away (one of our ducks).  

I've been so happy to see those bright eggs in the nest box again over the past few weeks.  I know it's just due to her genetics, but it's a bit magic, somehow.  

And unlike previous blue egg layers, whose eggs were more sky-blue, Emily's eggs are a beautiful pale green.  I'm hoping to let one of my older girls raise chicks again this year--which means I'll just have to buy what's in stock at the feed store when the broody period hits--but I really hope I can get a few more girls that will lay colorful eggs.