The Blizzard of Oz



I have a co-worker who teases me about having the power to bring snow.  It all started--the year of the Christmas blizzard, if I remember right--when I put up some paper snow flakes all wistfully-like, and then we had feet of snow on the ground for three months.

If I did have that gift, all snow days would be exactly like today--watching out the window and snuggling and puttering and eating lunch and settling in with a movie and building forts.  And then, when Dada got home, a chance to pull out the sled for a ride around the neighborhood.

The Kid thought the sled ride was just splendid, although he was disappointed that we couldn't play at the park, and downright distressed at his inability to walk through the deep snow without face planting into it.

When the snow started to really come down again and the dark started to fall, we quickly headed for home, a warm dinner, and the news that our little winter holiday will continue into tomorrow.