Fruit Box Facts File


The other night, we were Facetime chatting with Cutie Niece.  She's always memorizing some set of facts--either for school or just for her own entertainment--and that evening was no exception.  Through the marvels of the internet, we spent a happy ten or fifteen minutes quizzing her (and being quizzed in return) on the capitals of the world.

That very same bright, not-so-little-anymore, girl has a birthday soon.  Taking a little inspiration from the file folders in Annie's latest edition of Alphabet Glue, and a little inspiration from this calendar project, I decided to make Cutie Niece a pair of pretty boxes to stash away her flashcards in.

I started with a pair of saved paper fruit cartons, and added a stack of regular, 3x5 index cards, cut in half.  Then I raided my stash of pretty paper to make dividers just a little bigger than the index cards.  Last, I added a piece of washi tape to the top of each divider as a space to write the subject matter of the cards filed behind it.

It ended up being such a quick, cute project that it almost made me miss my school days when I would have had a use for it....almost!