Muffin Memories

Snow day here--Sweet Husband and I both worked from home.

It's amazing how much more food we eat when we're all three home all day.  I keep dashing out to the store between waves of snow, not because we need more treats, but because we keep running out of milk.  (And fancy cheese...and chocolate chips...OK, so we're running out of staples and treats!)

And there's nothing like big hearty breakfasts when it's snowing out.  We've pulled out all the stops these past few days, homemade biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and today a hot, half dozen blueberry muffins.

Something about the combination of the muffins and the snow today had me reminiscing about the last month I was pregnant with the Kid.  I was snowed in for about two weeks that January, and Sweet Husband was making blueberry muffins almost daily to satisfy my craving for them.  Even the times we had to resort to the boxed mix kind--with a cold, thick pat of butter and a hot mug of tea--those muffins were manna from heaven.

This afternoon--well after today's muffins were history--Sweet Husband and I were both sitting at the dining room table with our respective laptops.  Snow was falling from the trees, and with every thump on the roof we both listened to hear if the Kid had woken up from his nap.  Finally, at about four, I heard him cry out a bit from our bed upstairs.  "I'll go," I told Sweet Husband, as we both started to stand up.

The Kid was just barely awake.  With rumpled hair and half closed eyes, he reached towards me without sitting up, and I crawled into bed with him.  Rather than insisting that we get up and play, as I expected he would, he wriggled his bottom into the curl of my belly and dozed in and out of sleep for several more minutes.

As I lay there spooned around him, watching the snow outside the window,  I couldn't help but notice how tall he is already.  With my cheek rested on the top of his head, his feet stretched down to my shins.  It felt laughable that this boy could have ever fit into the tiny space in my belly.  

I tried to remember how it even felt to have him there, but so much of that has slipped away.  So instead I concentrated on memorizing the feel of him now.  His silky blonde hair and chubby hands and legs.  His slightly sticky face and the way he breathes when he sleeps.  The way that--even though he's bigger--I can still wrap up completely around him and drift off for a few minutes myself.