All the Yummy Smelling Soap [Tiny Farm Co. Giveaway]


I know that one cannot technically smell through the internet, but I don't know why this should stop me from the pleasure of imagining that I can.  And so, when Ashley, the Tiny Farm Company's handmade soap and skin care goddess extraordinaire, emailed me last week about doing a little early holiday giveaway, all I could think of were the amazing smells one of you is in for.

Vanilla Oatmeal.  Orange Pomegranate.  Eucalyptus Lime.  Mmmmm.....

No really.  Stop, close your eyes, and inhale.  You can just almost get it through the screen if you conjure hard.

In case you missed the last Tiny Farm post, Ashley and her family really do live on a tiny farm--just a few acres in Arkansas--but from there she makes lovely pure coconut oil soaps, lip balms, and various other handmade products.  

This is all in addition to raising her 3 kiddos, some goats, a few puppies, a flock of chickens, and "a whole bunch of honey bees".  Aside from imagining all the delicious smells, I love to think of how much living her family is able to squeeze in on their tiny farm.  I'm sure they have their crazy days, like we all do, but I'll bet that vanilla oatmeal scent in the air goes a long way towards family bliss!

"Enough about the darned smells, Meryl," you're thinking.  "Show us some soap already!"

Indeed, I will!

Ashley has just put together a new "Winter Warmer" 3-pack (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it), which includes sample sized bars of her Orange Pomegranate, Orange Patchouli, and Vanilla Oatmeal soaps.  While the 3-packs are usually $10, they'll be on sale for $8 through the end of the holidays so that you can get all stocked up for December guests and travels.  (Isn't it nice to have some good smelling soap for that first post-airplane-or-car-ride shower?  I certainly think so!)

For today's giveaway, Ashley is offering one "Winter Warmer" pack, as well as a sweet, tiny tin of her peppermint lip balm (also most necessary for dry winter weather).  To win, go visit Tiny Farm and come back and leave a comment with which soap you think would smell the best (click on "pure coconut oil soap" at the top of the page to see all the flavors).  

I'll pick a winner late next week!