Only-Slightly-Related Bits For Family Posterity


A relic from "The Blizzard of Oz"--the Trampoline Tent of Terror.  Sometime last week--befuddled by snow days--I decided it would be fun to fling a sheet over the safety bar on the Kid's trampoline to make a tent.  Then the Kid decided that a parent needed to sit inside.  Then he decided that it would be fun to jump up and down.  It was giggly, wild, fun the first few times.  Now I'm starting to get bruises, and have hidden the sheet.

Moe thought the trampoline tent was a bad idea from the start.  He found it very concerning.  Who could have guessed that Moe would be the voice of reason in our house one day?

I have nothing much to say about this, but the Kid had paint in his hair so I had to save it.  And it took three hours before he would let me clean the blue dribble off of his nose.  Nonetheless, I think we need to get the paints out more often.

The Kid's honorary grandma gave me this the other day.  It's a vintage recipe from when her little boy was at the Kid's school.  (Her "little boy" is now an attorney.)  I haven't tried it yet, but it really made me think that I need to get together some sort of recipe box.

I do all of my recipe organization online, but I have several caches of handwritten recipes stashed around the house.  I think I may make a late winter project of getting them all together in one box and making some notes about their origins.
We got a nice little stack of pictures from the Kid's teacher at his parent/teacher conference last week.  He always seems to be concentrating so very hard.  Also, apparently he loves any work that has to do with water.  I know generally what he does and likes to do at school each day--these days he can tell me--but it's fun to hear and see more detailed stories.