Sponsor Saturday: Conscious Clothing

For this week's featured sponsor, I'm thrilled to introduce Rose, from Conscious Clothing.  Specializing in natural fibers, such as bamboo, hemp, and soy, Rose makes beautiful, low-impact clothing.  And it all looks so comfy, too!  Welcome, Rose!

Me: We'll get to everything else in a minute, but I just saw some shots of your new wedding collection on your facebook page today, and wow! What inspired you to branch out into more formal clothing?

Rose: I've been doing wedding/bridal for a few years now, and most brides to be tell me that they are looking for sustainable fabrics, and simplicity! There are a lot of frilly princess style gowns out there, but a lot of my customers prefer the simple designs and quality organic fabrics over the "princess" look.  I always think: "What would I want to wear?" and new designs arise from there!

Me: But, even aside from the wedding wear, I have so much trouble picking a favorite from your shop. Last week it was the skirted leggings, this week it's the Manitoba pants, next week it will probably be the Raspberry Wrap dress...what's your favorite item of clothing that you make?

Rose: My favorite item of clothing is probably the Gale coat or the Wanderlust Sweater. Both are so warm and cozy and have a large cowl to pull up against the chill. In the summer, I love the lotus style dresses- so flattering and comfy!

Me: Can you tell us a bit about how you started making clothes? And then at what point did you decide to focus on low-impact materials?

Rose: I started making diaper covers and quilts when my oldest daughter was born. From the start, I began sourcing organic cotton and hemp. Since I could only find it in natural, I began the long road of learning to dye...

When my second daughter was born, I began making clothing for girls! As I got more confident with that, I started making women's clothing to great response from my friends and soon to be customers! In 2007, I opened my Etsy store and have been at it ever since!

Me: What new fun can we look forward to for spring and summer?

Rose: For spring and summer, I've been working on a lot more hemp linen designs. I'm trying to branch out from the typical jersey patterns and looks that you find quite often. I'm most excited about my new Hemp Linen Overalls!!! I just need to wait for nicer weather to photograph.....


Rose has generously agreed to giveaway one hemp fleece pixie skirt--wouldn't it be adorable for spring?  To win, visit Conscious Clothing and come back and leave a comment about your favorite item.  I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.