Books We're Readin'

In the last several months, books have become an entrenched part of the Kid's bedtime routine at the Hacienda del Hosta.  The rule is three per night, but sometimes on Friday and Saturday we get real wild and do four or five.  

The current favorites?

Benjy and The Barking Bird.  This is one I rescued from my grandma's house, because I have such good memories of her reading it to me every night when I would come visit.  I loved it!  And since the Kid has fallen in love with it, my feelings towards my grandmother have only gotten warmer.  

But not for the reason you might think--it's actually an awful book!

The plot is predictable.  The dialogue is horrible.  The fact that my grandmother didn't "misplace" it as soon as I went home speaks volumes about how much she cared about me.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  The newest in the Pete series, which we adore.  (Ohh...actually, just as I was linking this up, I've discovered that there are soon to be more!)  I've heard a rumor that the author, Eric Litwin, may be coming close this fall.  I'm working all my connections.  If we could get tickets to that, it would be like if someone had gotten me New Kids on the Block tickets when I was 10.  I would be the most awesome mama evah!

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.  Our Very Nice Cousin--also a mama of boys--sent this book to the Kid as a surprise, and if you have a truck-and-tractor crazy lad in your home, it's a must-read.  Because of this book, my son now knows the difference between a dump truck and an excavator and a crane truck.  (He corrects me when if I say the wrong one as we're passing the road work that's happening on our way to school each day.)  But this book is also full of sounds and sweet rhymes and...well, it's one I'll save for the grand-kids, even if I eventually get fed-up enough to throw Benjy away.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.  The Kid picked this out at the library a few weeks ago, but I think we're going to have to add it to our permanent collection.  Who knew that mole rats could be so funny?  Who knew that hearing my 2-year-old exclaim, "Naked Moe Rats Don't Wear Clothes!" over and over again with riotous laughter would some day be my favorite thing?

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! If I had the choice between going to the moon or spending an hour in Mo Willems brain, it wouldn't even be a contest.  It's a pigeon and a man in a nightcap.  The drawings are just a tiny bit more complicated than stick figures.  But the pigeon is awesome.

Goodnight Moon.  A lot of people I knew grew up with this book, but I had never been exposed to it until a friend bought it for us, just after the Kid was born.  At first, I was kind of "meh", but now I can see why it's such a classic.  It's grown on me.  It doesn't hurt that the Kid knows all the words, and often "reads" it to me, rather than the other way around.

Stars.  "What if you could have a star? They shine like little silver eggs you could gather in a basket."  Of all the books we've gotten lately, I think this might be my favorite.  It's just sort of a meandering-thinking kind of book, and the language and illustrations are exquisite.  I was initially afraid it might be a little too simple for the Kid, but he frequently requests it, much to my delight.

Ed's Egg.  Here is the book you need for any Easter baskets you have to fill.  It chronicles the adventures of Ed as he hatches from his much beloved egg.  The money line?  "Mom's are better than eggs!"

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty.  When Nice Dad asked for birthday ideas for the Kid, I quickly said, "This!  Get him this book!"  If your small person loves firefighters or baseball players or construction workers or train conductors, this book is pure potty propaganda.  The illustrations of the different people going potty are real enough to be informative and funny, but don't cross the line into being gross.

On the mama-side...goodness, just in sitting down to make this list, I've realized that I haven't had a real book of the shelf in a month!  As that is much too long, I suppose it's time to request some books off of my to read list from the library.  But in the meantime, I'm quite happily revisiting one of my favorites.