Big Brother Fun :: Datevitation

For the past few months, I've been collecting ideas for fun, but not too complicated, activities and treats for the Kid for after Little Miss is born--partly to help entertain him, but partly to make him feel a little special, too.  I've been having a good time brainstorming, so I've decided to make these "Big Brother Fun" ideas a little series for the next few months.  Some of it will be products we like, some of it will be more of the good, ole' fashioned DIY variety, but I hope maybe it will spawn some ideas for you and yours, too.

Shall we begin?


Today, a little "love coupon" book that I put together last week on a new site called Datevitation.  

Basically, these are just like the little "good for one night of washing dinner dishes" coupons you may have put together as a present for your mom or your significant other, except with much better presentation.  As such, I admit, I was initially a little "meh" when the Datevitation folks emailed me about doing a review.  If I wanted to do a book of love coupons, why would I pay to have someone else put it together when I'm fully capable of DIY'ing one myself?

But then I clicked through and saw that the site is set up to make books for all kinds of relationships--lovers, parents, kiddos--and that's when I got a little more interested, because that's when I started thinking about making up a book for the Kid.


First of all, Datevitation has several hundred date ideas, all illustrated and ready to be easily plugged into whatever book you choose.  From big things like "take a hot air balloon ride" to more classic fun like "have a family game night", there are lot of activities to pick from.

I was looking for more simple stuff, and I finally settled on....

  1. a bike ride on the trail
  2. a night where the Kid picks dinner
  3. an extra bedtime story
  4. a trip to the park, and
  5. a trip to the candy store

Basically, I chose some quick dates that would not be overwhelming for me, but would make the Kid feel a little extra loved-up when he needs it.

Good point number two?  The illustrations.  Particularly for a pre-literate child, having the date ideas drawn out--in cute, stick-figure form--instead of just using words is awesome because he'll be able to actually understand it.  

And not only are all the coupons illustrated, you have the option of inserting your own faces into the drawings.  The site is set up so well that it only took me about 20 seconds to slip our pretty mugs in, and I think it's going to absolutely rock the Kid's world to see his own face in print like that come Christmas morning.


The only downside for me is the price.  A Datevitation booklet starts at $25 for 5 coupons, which is just a titch high for my usual budget.  (But I often balk at the cost of stationery, so maybe my perception is just skewed?  I'm not sure.  Has my DIY'ing make me a cheapskate?)  

At any rate, don't fret about that, because I come bearing both a giveaway and a coupon!

First, drop your name into this Rafflecopter hat for a chance to win a free Datevitation book.  The giveaway will end next week, so the winner should have plenty of time to put something sweet together as a holiday gift.

Second, if you don't win or can't wait, use the code "BITOFEARTH" for $10 off your book plus free shipping through December 13th--the cut-off date for "guaranteed by Christmas" orders.  That gets your book down to $15, which is hard to beat for something this easy!

[This post was sponsored by Datevitation, and they additionally let me pick out the Kid's cute book to review for free.  My opinions, as always, are my own.]