Home Improvement-y Tweaks



Is spring a time that people do home improvement?  It feels like fall would be more normal--preparing for winter inside and all of that--but I always get a bug in the spring.

As such, three little projects we've completed of late....

First, some lights in the kitchen.  As part of the negotiations when we bought our house, the seller got to take the two pendant lights hanging in the kitchen.  We were waiting until we figured out what to do with the kitchen to replace them, but--with the decision that we aren't going to overhaul the kitchen--it seemed like a good time to just fill those empty sockets.  

Second, the Kid's big kid bed!  This was all Sweet Husband, and it's all made of pipes.  (Inspiration here.)  This week, it's functioning as our guest bed, but--now that it's finished--I'm dying to get the Kid's quilt on it.  So far I only have two squares made, but I'll take the motivation where I can get it.

Third, a chalk board wall.  Again, this was a decision made by the decision that the kitchen is largely staying "as-is".  I've wanted a chalk board wall for a few years, but have been debating putting one in the kitchen (where our fridge is now) or in our upstairs hallway.  Since the fridge is staying put, I had Sweet Husband pick up some chalkboard paint--while he was at the hardware store buying pipes--and I put up coats of paint in between girl's nights last weekend.  Today was the first day anyone was allowed to doodle on it, and I'm already tickled at the little drawings and messages that are appearing.