Firsts for Spring



I've typically been good at keeping track of seasonal "firsts" in the fall--e.g. first day with a fire in our fireplace at the old apartment, first day with heavy blankets on the bed--but less so in the spring.  This bit from Liz on the ROTH blog last week got me thinking about it though, and I've been trying to jot down some notable little spring "firsts" ever since.  Here is my list so far....

  • First Ice Cream :: March 14th
  • First Dirty Hands in the Garden :: March 16th
  • First Actual Veggies Planted in the Garden :: March 17th
  • Put Heated Chicken Waterer in Storage for the Year :: March 17th
  • First Attempt at Riding a Big Kid Bike :: March 18th 
  • Dug Heated Chicken Waterer Back Out of Storage :: March 19th
  • Moe's Spring Trip to the Groomer to Remove Winter Fuzz :: March 19th

Alas, I'm afraid that my next entry might be "First 'Official' Spring Snowstorm :: March 21st".  It's breaking my heart just a little, as silly as that is.  I'm just so ready to be warm and outside again.  But there is little that's so futile as cursing about the weather, so instead I'm trying hard to change my outlook.  After all, it will be spring-for-reals sometime, and likely sometime soon, at that...right?