House Guests


In addition to house guests of the nicer variety--the Kid's grandmas and auntie--this Spring Break we've also been playing host to the pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches from the Kid's class at school.  While they are far less escape prone than the anoles--thank goodness!--and almost no work, I'll admit, they creep me out.  

I've always found those movie scenes where millions of bugs swarm over a person and eat them particularly horrific, and I think these guys remind me a little of that.  They're big enough that you can see their facial expressions....ewww.

Also, Sweet Husband keeps informing me of particularly yucky bits of cockroach trivia.  For example, did you know that a cockroach can live, quite well, for five days without it's head?  And, even then, the only reason they die is that they starve to death.  I really hope he just made that up, but I haven't been brave enough to check.