Spring Snow

The thing about post-time-change snow is that it makes for so much more daylight for tromping around outside.  Saturday night after dinner, the Kid informed us that it was "time to go outside in the snow".  There was no real reason not to, so we bundled up and headed out.

The snow was still coming down, and, unlike the snows we've had thus far, this was a wet, drippy snow.  It was like the trees were angry about being caught in the weather with their blooms in process, so they decided to pelt us with fat, plops of icy water.  

We kept the Kid walking as fast as possible by hunting for bunny tracks in the snow, and then bribed him back home with a promise of "hot chocolate milk".  

Today was a little better.  I went for a run, while the boys made a snowman in the front yard.  Sweet Husband didn't think it was much of a snowman, but the Kid was proud of him.  Apparently the snowman's name is "Tim".

[Also, I am late in annoucing it, but the winner of the Jupiter's Child giveaway is Andrea.]