Three Pretty Things in My Dining Room

One ::  Bottles covered with fabric scraps that I made with Sweet Sister last week.  Not only did they use up some impossibly tiny scraps, but they are incredibly cheery.  Also, in making them, we shared one hot glue gun for an entire evening.  It's not just anyone that you can do that with.

Two ::  A flat of the new, blue, "vintage" Ball jars.  Our hardware store only had this one box left, so I snapped it up.  Now, what to do with them?  They are currently sitting on my windowsill (opposite the fabric covered vases) just reflecting the light.  It feels like I need to use them for some extra special purpose.  I shall have to think up one.

Three  ::  A pair of fabric covered notebooks.  This pair is to be a gift, but I like them enough that I may make a few for myself in the near future.  Or maybe I'll cover my planner?  Or perhaps I'll re-cover a few beloved books that are falling apart?  Lots of possibilities for this one!

What's looking pretty in your house today?