A Walk Through the Antique Market

IMG_2494 IMG_2497  IMG_2498

My mom and sister live about three blocks from the most wonderful little antique mall.  It's the kind of place where you can still pick up an old quilt for a song.  (In my part of the world, even in horrible condition, old quilts are often $100 or more.  I found one in beautiful condition at this market one time for $25!)  And it's full of such an odd-ball assortment of vintage jars and oddities and...oh, just cool, old stuff, that it always makes for a good way to spend an hour.

Saturday afternoon--finding ourselves three ladies at leisure and without the bebe--I suggested we go wander through after lunch.  Although those Pyrex bowls in the last shot were hard to walk away from, I ended up leaving empty-handed.  But, as perhaps you can tell from these pictures, it was a satisfying meander, nonetheless.