Chicks 4.0

"Seven?" Sweet Husband asked, a little surprised, when he peaked inside the brooder to see the new friends the Kid and I picked up while he was at work.  "Did we really need seven?"

"Let me explain," I began quickly picking the chicks up to make introductions.  "This one's Ani [DiFranco], and she's a Buff Orpington.  This one's K.T. [Tunstall], and she's a Rhode Island Red.  This one's Julie [the lead singer of our favorite local band, The Latenight Callers], she's a mystery bird.  And these other four are the Tamales."

"Tamales, huh?  Why not 'Stock' or 'Fried'?"

"I thought about 'Noodles', but that's the general idea."

Indeed, I bought some un-sexed, "pan fry" birds on purpose this time around.  If one or two turn out to be hens they might get to stay, but--barring that--their time in chicken paradise will be finite.  Hence, no names for the Tamale quartet.

But, names or no, it was a lot of fun to pick out chicks with the Kid.  Last year he was sort of interested in them, but--with Gladys raising them for us--he could never get very close.  While he's still not old enough to hold a chick, he can gently pet one while I hold it, which seems to be a big thrill.  And although it didn't last long, at the stage we're in now, anything that makes him sit still and be silent for a few minutes is worth its weight in coffee.

Welcome home, little ones!