A Picnic





For our maiden voyage with our bike trailer (gracias Nice Dad and Jill!), we decided to pack up a picnic dinner and head to a nearby park.  I stuffed three jars full of tortellini with brown butter, bacon, greens, pistachios, coppa, and a little Parmesan cheese (divine!), and we packed the Kid's new kite (gracias Nice Mom and Sweet Sister!).

After dinner and a few minutes of kite flying, I realized that I'd made a grave error--no dessert!  Fortunately, the Kid was having such a good time in the trailer that we just packed right back up and headed downtown to our favorite ice cream shop.

Once the Kid was thoroughly covered in chocolate ice cream, we loaded up one last time and headed home.  (Actually, we had to go by the train first...but we have to do that at least five times a day, so that's not all that remarkable, really.)  It was still so nice out though, that we could hardly stand to make the Kid go to bed.  So, while he mixed some dirt in with the chocolate stickiness, we broke in our fire pit.

Just two more things.  One, I can't believe the Kid did so well with the helmet.  He doesn't love it, but he seems to have accepted it as the price of riding in the trailer.  Two, I haven't been on a bike in much too long.  Even though my vintage Schwinn is in desperate need of a tune-up, I've missed her.