Small Things

I have a little dream simmering on a back burner of my brain.  It's a photography show centered on the theme "small things".  I haven't quite worked out the specific details--hence the simmer mode--but, generally, it would be the most un-fussed pictures I could take of insignificant seeming, day-to-day objects.

Last weekend, Nice Mother-In-Law brought me a stack of handkerchiefs from her mother.  They were pretty, and she knows that we'll put them to use.  It was the kind of little gift that I especially love.

I tossed them all in with a load of laundry to freshen them up, and as Sweet Husband was folding them last night he called me in, "Hey, come look at this one!"

While we have no way to know for sure, of course, it seems likely that the monogrammed "N" can only refer to Sweet Husband's grandmother's sister, whose name was Nila.  As I understand it, the original Nila died tragically in a car accident as a young adult.  But, as it so happens, she very recently gained a namesake when one of Sweet Husband's cousins had a baby girl just a month or so ago.

It's just a tiny scrap of fabric, a "small thing", if you will.  But such a sweet coincidence.  And one that's already headed to small Nila's mother for safekeeping.