The One Where We Took the Bus

The Kid has a thing for transportation.  Trains are a super big deal.  Cement mixers can't pass us on the road without comment.  And then there are our big, blue city buses.

"That's a big, blue bus!"  he points and shouts, proud of his own knowledge.

"It is.  Would you like to ride one some day?"

"Yes, I would!"

Of course, "someday" has gotten pushed off--as happens with a busy family--but then, this weekend, I remembered that our city does free bus rides on Earth Day (which was "observed" on Saturday), so I looked up the schedule.

It really doesn't make much sense for us to ride the bus.  For the places we go that are close to us, walking is faster.  For the places we go that are far away, a car is incredibly faster and more convenient.  Since I had to sort-of make up an excuse, I decided that we'd ride to our favorite breakfast place, which is only about 3/4 of a mile away.

Dutifully, we arrived at the closest stop about 10 minutes early.  A bus was just pulling away as we got there.  We waited and waited.  Another bus--one with the wrong number--whizzed by on the other side of the street.  After about 20 minutes, it was apparent that we'd somehow missed the bus.  Consoling the Kid that we'd try again later, we walked to breakfast instead.

After revisiting the timetables over biscuits and gravy and dropping Sweet Husband off at work, the Kid and I headed for our city's bus hub.  This time the correct bus pulled up within just a few minutes, and we were quickly off for a short ride through our neighborhood.

I'm not entirely sure that the bus got us that much closer to home than we were when we got on, but the happy-Kid-points I got for taking him on the ride were well worth the trouble.  He grinned the whole way, and talked of nothing else as we walked from our stop to home.


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