Baby Chickens' Day Out


It was verging on warm this afternoon, so I decided it was time for the baby chickens first outing into the yard.  I thought they might get cold quickly, but there were far too many explorations to be concerned about that.  While I limited the trip to about 10 minutes, I think they felt they were being unfairly molly-coddled when I insisted they go back inside to warm up under the heat lamp.

IMG_2964Our little roo--with a comb and expression like that, how could he be anything else?--let me know most emphatically that he would decide when he wanted to go inside, thank you very much.


Adele, who doesn't seem to understand the purpose of fences, was a little too curious about the babies for my mama-hen tastes.  She got several good shooings-off and one good nudge from the tip of my right boot.

The Kid, being perhaps smarter than his mama, insisted that she just wanted a treat, and brought her out some alfalfa.

And then, we put the babies away, and went to gather eggs from the big girls.


A week too late for me to go get her babies, Tori is nonetheless apparently feeling in a family way.  Between the gosh-awful smell of her poop, the crazy look in her eye, and the way her sisters were running out of the coop squawking as if they'd been attacked, I believe Ms. Tori is going broody.

The last time Tori brooded, she got over it fairly quickly, so I'm not terribly concerned.  I'll discourage her as much as I can, and if she's not over it in a few weeks...well, we'll see.  
Once we coaxed Tori off of them, the Kid and I found five eggs.  I love how a few of the newer laying hens are making "warty" eggs.  They're cosmetic problems only; nothing to be concerned about.  And while they'd be rejects if I were selling supermarket eggs, as these are just for me and mine I really enjoy the varying texture.