Fresh Baby


Sweet Husband, one morning last week, "Are you going to get up?"

"Urmupf," I muttered darkly from under my pillow, trying to block out sound and light.  I wanted nothing more than for everyone to go away so that I could continue sleeping undisturbed.

Sweet Husband, "But you get to see a baby today...a fresh one even."

I lifted the pillow an inch and squinted out at him with a tiny smile.  'Twas true, I was looking forward to photographing an old law school friend's baby that afternoon.  And, while Sweet Husband's choice of expression made the child sound like a bunch of celery, it was also true that the little fellow was not even a full week old.

Sweet Husband, "And there's coffee made...."

That settled it--the world of the awake was definitely going to be better than the world under my pillows.  I mean, really, a beautiful, "fresh" baby and coffee?  How could you go wrong with that?