In the Kitchen This Week

First, these homemade crackers.  We've recently begun attending a local charcuterie club, and--as you might guess--the members are a delightful bunch of foodies.  So, in addition to being a fun time to learn about meat preservation, it's also a good excuse to try some of the nibbles-type recipes that often don't make it into our regular dinner rotation.

We found that the key to these crackers was to get them absolutely paper thin.  Sweet Husband rolled them out in saran wrap and then flipped them onto a silpat with good success.  I rolled them directly on the silpat, which worked about as well.

Second, Sunday afternoon, we pulled up the last of the booze in the basement, a huge jar of mulberry gin.  We left the berries to infuse longer last summer, and it shows in the deep, dark purple color of this gin and tonic.  While it's perfectly drinkable, it's honestly a bit sweeter than I would prefer.  I want to experiment this weekend, but I think adding a sprig of rosemary or muddling a little basil in the bottom of the jar might be just the thing to cut the sweetness a titch.

What's going on in your kitchen this week?