Kids Were Here [December]


Joining up, once again, with Kids Were Here.

And, and, and....

Do you remember those beautiful flash cards from So Awesome that I was going on about last summer?  If you need some for a special little person's stocking--I'm eyeing that new "GO!" set, myself--here's your deal.  Use the code "mybitofearth" to get $5 store credit for orders over $25.  Or use "freeship2014" to get free shipping.  Or use both together--yay!  They expire December 11th.

Also, Debbi won the Jamberry giveaway and Jodie gets the Tiny Farm prize.  Congrats and look to your mailboxes, ladies!

Last, but not least--no baby news yet.  In the optimism and insomnia of the last few months, though, I've managed to pre-schedule a ton of stuff for December.  (Lots of yummy food.  Lots.)  Frankly, it seemed like a better idea than spending the time whining, "Yup, no baby today" over and over again.

So please enjoy the fun over the next few weeks as I duck in and out, and get ready to welcome our girl.