Screw It! I'm Gardening!

A friend posted that (along with a picture of a woman digging in the snow) to my Facebook page the other day.  We had snow last week, folks--on May 2nd!  This weekend was still cold and chilly and damp, but the Kid wanted to be outside for a bit.  Much as I wanted to curl up under a quilt and hibernate instead, we walked out and had a looksie at the garden.


In summary, a few radishes were ready to be eaten.  The broccolini needed thinning.  My peas are plodding ever upwards.  And potatoes apparently love crappy weather.


Just as I was getting my bearings, Adele--she who does not respect fences--decided to fly up and say hello.

The Kid--he who thinks he's chicken herding but really is just chasing chickens with sticks--was delighted.  I did not feel sorry for Adele.  When you jump the fence, you have to deal with what's on the other side, missy!

Once the chicken, um, herding was done, the Kid decided that the tween-age chicks might like some of the broccolini thinnings.
This little tamale wasn't afraid to investigate, but he was suspicious.  It was all I could do not to draw in a quote bubble with him saying, "What are you doing, trying to fatten me up?"

[Also, forgive me for slacking on choosing a winner, but Margo gets the beautiful ring from Future Pearl Company.]