Dandelions for Dinner

In the past few years, I've discovered that I love bitter greens.  Beautiful, bright, rainbow swiss chard was my gateway drug, followed by less-flashy, but equally delicious kale.  And then I saw dandelion greens at my grocery store for the first time.  

I'll confess, I actually bought them--at $3 for a tiny handful--but in the Spring-time that's just silliness.  After all, I know what a dandelion looks like; they're growing like mad in my yard right now.  It makes so much more sense to go out and pick my own.

As with any foraging, it's important to definitely be able to identify the plant, and also to know something about the place it's growing.  Our front yard is the perfect spot to pick, because I know it isn't sprayed with anything and the chickens don't roam there (and make their, um...deposits).

Once your greens are picked and washed, you can use them in almost any recipe where you would use kale or chard.  To get you started, these chickpeas and greens were delicious.

I haven't done it yet this year, but Rachel is also picking wild garlic this week.  Is there anything else I should be watching out for to do some foraging?