Tomatoes and Trails


For this Mother's Day, I requested tomato plants and a trail run.  The tomatoes were procured and planted in due course--more about that tomorrow--but getting a trail run in seemed dicier.  

Even our super-trooper jogging stroller doesn't work off-road, so for both Sweet Husband and I to go trail running we have to have a sitter.  Chances seemed low, but then, at the last minute, one of the Kiddo's honorary aunties volunteered to take him to the park for the morning.  (Thank you again, Honorary Auntie!)  So off we went!

Sweet Husband and Nice Running Friend (who if you will recall are doing 30 half marathons this year in honor of both of their 30th birthdays--see Thirty for 30) were on their fifth half marathon in just about as many weeks.  I, on the other hand, hadn't done much longer than 5 miles in over a month.  Let's just say, I'm definitely more aware of my knees this evening than I've been in awhile. 

With 13.1 completed, Mother's Day lunch was burgers and cheesy bacon fries, and the day was concluded with a shared family nap and just a little more planting in the garden.