Bringing Up a Gardener


Tomato tags
I will not romanticize this--planting a garden with the help of a toddler and 3 or 4 very insistent chickens tapped into every ounce of patience I possess.

While his intentions are darling, the Kid can wreak some serious havoc.  He wanted to help plant beans by throwing the seeds wildly into the bed.  He assisted me in cleaning up by taking seed packets and tossing them all over the yard.  And he's really good at feeding the chickens....a full day's scoop of food, every 5 minutes or so.  (As you can imagine, they love him!)

But, I want the garden to be fun for the Kid.  I want him to enjoy helping me plant things every spring and tending them all summer.  I love the way that he already feels so at home out there--often grabbing a leaf of basil or a radish (see photo above) and taking a big bite.  

So, instead of shouting or shunting him off to play with his own toys, I try my darnedest to take a deep breath, put on my happy teacher voice, and let it go.  I think I was, more or less, successful, as we got some tomatoes, peppers, beans, flowers, and squash planted Saturday morning, with no tears for either human.

The chickens, on the other hand....Well, I finally decided that having them and the Kid to keep out of the newly planted garden beds was too much.  I locked the ladies in their coop.  They were displeased, but I'm not even sure if chickens can cry, so my accomplishment remains untarnished.