The Radish Fortnight


If I were a better gardener, I would go out in the early spring and plant one row of radishes every week for a month.  Then I could harvest them just a slowly, enjoying just a few at a time until midsummer.

Instead, on whatever day ends up being the day to plant early veggies, I take a whole packet of radish seeds and sprinkle them generously on a bit of soil.  A month later, we're eating radishes morning, noon, and night for two weeks straight.

While I believe that this particular vegetable is at its best with just a simple slather of butter and a pinch of sea salt, one does eventually want some variety.  This week, we spiced things up a bit.  

First--on an evening I was scheduled to take a bike ride and Sweet Husband admirably cooked dinner and entertained the Kid at the same time--a crostini bar.  After spreading each slice of a toasted baguette with ricotta, the toasts were topped with arugula and radish, blueberry jam and pistachios, and smoked salmon and thyme, respectively.  (Inspiration here and here.)

Second, these radishes in browned butter and lemon.  Cooking radishes is always a little odd-seeming to me, but they were delicious tossed with a little more arugula.  They were also quite pretty--like incredibly bright potatoes, yes?  And--bonus!--the recipe called for 3 whole cups of radishes, which put a significant dent in our stash.