The Poppies Make Their Show


We had a tiny field of poppies when we first moved into our house.  As we've rearranged our garden, they've slowly been winnowed out.  Now we only get a handful each year, but I encourage them wherever I can.  I can't imagine this spring-to-summer time without a few bursting out to say hello.

In the same vein, some genius in our city's history decided to plant our downtown area with lilac bushes.  They make me sneeze just a little, but I don't care.  I'd happily endure a full summer head cold if only I could still smell the lilac bushes en masse.

As I was pulling out radishes the other day (almost to the last of 'em), I started thinking that I should really replace them with some flowers.  I never used to care about them much--growing veggies seems much more practical--but they're growing on me.