Journaling on Things


[Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.  I'm extending mine through the week, but in the meantime, a little pre-scheduled fun.]

Sweet Husband's grandfather had a very practical way of journaling.  Whenever he made a purchase, the date and the weather were recorded on the box.  I've known about that for awhile, but I don't think I properly appreciated the extent until I was putting away Sweet Husband's hair clippers--inherited from his grandfather--the other day.

The box still contained the receipt showing the purchase--Weiss Barber Supplies, October, 20, 1969.  Then, on the inside of the box lid, there was a list of, if not all, at least several of the haircuts the clippers had been used to perform.  Each of the cleanings--which are probably why the clippers are still in such good repair--were also documented.

I can't help but think that it would be a wonderful habit to get into.  It appeals to the de-clutterer in me.  Instead of having piles of old journals lying around, I could write my stories on items that my descendants will use.  Of course, it assumes that we're buying things that will last for several decades of use....but maybe it would be an additional incentive to save up for quality as much as possible?

I'm curious, did anyone else have a grandparent or older relative who journaled like this?