Two Skirts


Pre-the-Kid, I had a closet full of elastic-y skirts that I practically lived in during the summer.  But they all got stretched-out when I was pregnant, and then I lost weight when I started running regularly...which all leads to the fact that my comfy, stretchy skirts were all donated and passed along earlier this year.

It seems that particular type of skirt has gone out of style, because when I tried to replace them I came up with nothing.  Having found a sale at the fabric store however, I decided to try and make a few for myself.

The top one is just a simple elastic waist skirt.  I didn't use a pattern, or even measure very much.  I just wrapped the fabric around my waist and guessed.  After playing with it a little, I'm actually tempted to make a few shirts in a similar way.  The bottom needs to be less full, but--belted-up in an empire waistline style--it's also a cute, billow-y top.

The bottom skirt was more complicated, but still do-able.  After the t-shirt experience, I was reluctant to sew with knits again, but this went much better.  I used these basic instructions, and used this cheater's technique to gather the fabric.  Gathering was definitely the hard part--I kept breaking the threads--but after a few tries I got the hang of it.  

And both skirts ended up so comfy!  I predict they will be the first thing I reach for when heading out to work in the garden on hot days.