Sponsor Saturday: Moon Root Soaps

This week I'm happy to welcome Christelle from Moon Root Soaps.  Christelle makes and sells yummy sounding soaps that are also now 90% organic.  She recently answered the following questions from me:

Me: Lavender and rosemary, lime and sea salt, almond ginger root--how do you come up with such delicious sounding combinations for your soaps?

Christelle: My inspiration for my flavors comes from a few different places. I love to cook- so if I bake something with an interesting combination of ingredients, I'll try to make a soap out of it. For example, I made lavender rosemary biscotti, and loved it so much I made it into a soap. I love Margaritas-hence the Lime and Sea Salt bar. I also like to do twists on classics- instead of Lemon Poppy, I have a Tangerine Poppy soap. My friends and family also give me ideas...Pacific Northwest came from my Oregon pal who is a landscaper. My boyfriend's favorite scent has always been patchouli mixed with lime, so I made the Patchouli Lime soap for him.

Me: Your shop's motto is "Soaps from the Earth"--tell us a little bit about the ingredients that go into your products?

Christelle: I make my soap out of the highest quality, natural, organic ingredients. I grow as much as my own food as possible, and purchase organic otherwise. I think what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. I also try to incorporate some homegrown herbs in my soaps as well- specks of lavender, mint, rosemary, basil, etc. I am also planning on adding goats milk soap this summer- keeping my ingredients as fresh and local as possible.

Me: It sounds like you share your home with quite a few furry creatures--a dog and cat, chickens, and maybe some goats soon. Are you a city farmer? Or a country dweller?

Christelle: As of this moment I am a "city" farmer- with 10 chickens, a big greenhouse, a huge garden, 2 dogs, a cat, and a chameleon! As of 3 weeks, however, my partner and I are finally moving to a farm! I am beyond excited. We will be helping an older couple farm 83 acres. They already have more than 100 goats and 30 cows. They sell them for meat, primarily, but said I'm welcome to milk the goats and get a dairy cow. I will also be in charge of the garden. My dream is to be selling vegetables, raw milk, cheese, and yogurt at the local farmers market. I'm so fortunate that my boyfriend is just as excited about the idea as I am!

Me: What can we look forward to from Moon Root Soaps?

Christelle: My newest line is my liquid soaps- which are amazing. They come in self foaming pump containers. They last forever and smell SO good- flavors are Patchouli Lime, Pacific Northwest, Lavender Rosemary, Tangerine Grapefruit, and Clary Sage Lemongrass. Like I mentioned earlier, you can look forward some goats milk soaps in the future!


Christelle has generously agreed to giveaway a liquid soap and bar soap.  To win, visit Moon Root Soaps and come back and leave a comment about which flavor combination you think sounds yummiest.  I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.  

Additionally, Christelle is offering 10% off to My Bit of Earth readers.  Just use the code BITOFEARTH at check-out.