Summer Backyard Banners for Rhythm of the Home


And, we're back!  

The flurry of activity when we get home from a trip always stresses me out a little--no food in the house, piles of laundry--but I do love that first moment of walking in the door.  Seeing that the tomatoes have grown a foot and the baby chickens are almost full-sized.  Discovering a pile of eggs and confirming that Gladys the hen is still broody.  Greeting toys like long lost friends.  (That was the Kid with his train set last night.  He did not want food or sleep, just his trains.)  Scratching Moe between the ears.

It's nice to get out into the wide world, but our piece of it is pretty nice too.

I'm sorting through our pictures, but in the meantime, the summer edition of Rhythm of the Home is up and looking beautiful.  So many inspiring bits and bobs for this--finally!--warmer weather.  My contribution this season was a piece on our tradition of hanging a scrap fabric banner in our backyard each summer.  Go enjoy!