Hanging Out

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Hanging Out
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Hanging Out-001

And then, we spent a lot of really nice time just hanging out.  

In the pool...which was crazy hard to keep the Kid out of, but really fun at the same time.

Making homemade ice cream...I think my dad saw that it was on our Summer Bucket List and got so nostalgic for the ice cream that he used to make with his dad, that he went out and bought an ice cream maker specially for our visit.

At my Sweet Step-Sister's baby shower...a happy coincidence that we could be there just at the right time for the party.  It was a big outdoor event, so the Kid had a blast running and making his dada and "paw" push him on the swing.  My dad's new puppy (also named "Moses") joined us in his finest duds.

Riding the tractor...at my Nice Step-Mom's ranch.  The Kid is still asking if we can just pop out again for another ride.

Visiting the train museum in Sacramento...I thought being close to the big trains would really be cool for the Kid, but he actually gravitated towards the big room of toy trains (just like his at home) that they had set up.  Figures!

Checking out the parks...to get the Kid's wiggles out after a few longer days in the car.  In addition to wandering down to the one close to my dad's house, we also went to the legendary Dennis the Menace park in Monterey.  There were so many fun slides and tunnels and obstacles there that even the grown-ups had to get in on the fun.